3 Reasons Why Buying Black is a Wonderful Idea

Black Consumers, Buy Black -

3 Reasons Why Buying Black is a Wonderful Idea

Reason #1: Black Businesses Understand Your Needs

We don't need to conduct lengthy research studies or control groups to "figure out Black consumers" because we are Black consumers.

Reason #2: You're Supporting Jobs In Your Community

Spending Black dollars on Black businesses means more opportunities for more jobs to open up for Black employees. We've all seen the studies about racial discrimination in the workplace, and how having an "ethnic" sounding name could leave your resume being tossed before it's even reviewed. By supporting Black-owned businesses you are also supporting Black employees who are getting more of a chance than they would have otherwise.

Reason #3: It's Empowering

As a group, we have the highest spending power ($1.1 trillion) but we patronize Black businesses the least. Unfortunately money is power, and we are giving away our power when we neglect Black-owned businesses. Spending money with someone who looks like you, understands your needs, and would hire you is an empowering feeling. 

What do you think? Do you #buyblack? Why or why not?

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